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Why should I work with an Independent Insurance Agent???

By December 14, 2020Insurance

We’re glad you asked!
There are so many benefits to working with an independent insurance agency, especially Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency located in Carrollton, TX.
Our team came up with their #1 reasons, read on…
• There’s never enough time in the day…am I right? You don’t have time to deal with insurance. Not a problem – it’s not only our job, but our pleasure to help you to shop your insurance with our extensive portfolio of top rated insurance companies. Let us save you time by taking “shop insurance” off of your To-Do list!

• Communication! Communication! Communication! Do you ever feel like your emails and voicemails go to a deep black hole and never resurface? That’s not going to happen with our agency. You call ONE number and can reach any member of our team for assistance. There’s no 800 number with a call tree to mess with and if you do happen to go to our voicemail, we promise to call you back and get you taken care of as quickly as possible!

• Ugh…claims! We hope you never need to file a claim, but when you do you can reach out directly to our team and we will walk you through the process and ensure you are taken care of in a timely manner.

• You are not just a name or number to our team. We consider you an extension of our JVM Family! That’s why we provide personalized coverage reviews at each renewal. Of course these reviews are not limited to renewal time. We can do an insurance review at any time to ensure that you have the appropriate coverages and that you’re getting all applicable discounts!

Give us a call today, 972-492-8500, and let us work hard for you!