What Do You Know About Umbrella Insurance?


If you’re involved in an accident and are clearly at fault you may be expected to cover damages and medical bills for the other party. Your home and auto insurance typically carries a bit of liability coverage, but it may not be enough. If it’s not, what do you do? Well, what do you know… Read more »

Want To Learn More About Flood Insurance?


Once again parts of the state was recently inundated with heavy rains. We feel this is a great time to bring up the importance of flood insurance. As the name suggests, this is a policy meant to cover your home in the event of a flood. Without this coverage you may be unable to afford… Read more »

General Or Professional Liability Coverage?


Liability insurance protects your company and provides coverage should an error or accident occurs that you are at fault in. As the owner of a business, you need this coverage. However, there are different forms of coverage. Do you need general or professional liability coverage? Which form best safeguards your business?

What Type Of Property Insurance Do You Need?


Do you own your own company? If so, then you may have a building, such as a storefront or warehouse, which your business operates out of. What happens if this building becomes damaged or you’re forced to relocate following a disaster? Normally, this could be the end of your venture. However, with commercial property insurance… Read more »