Why Workers’ Compensation Insurance Makes Sense

why workers' compensation insurance makes sense

If your business relies on one or more employees besides yourself, then workers’ compensation insurance should be an important part of your business plan. Besides helping your employee recover from an accident or injury, workers’ comp can also help ensure that the expenses and the loss of production don’t significantly impact your business. With a unique insight into the world of personal and business insurance, your independent agent, Jeff Van Matre, can help you craft a workers’ comp plan that fits your company’s unique needs.

Reasons for Workers’ Comp

Accidents Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

No matter how well you plan for on-the-job safety, and how much you emphasize the importance of personal safety and responsibility to your employees, accidents can still happen. While you should always preach and teach workplace safety, you should also plan for events that are out of your control by securing adequate workers’ comp.

Medical Expenses Can Exceed Any Budget

Should an accident occur on the job, depending on how badly your employee is injured, your company could be responsible for paying any resulting medical and rehabilitation expenses. Even minor injuries can rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, and without adequate insurance coverage, the costs could deplete your company’s resources.

Healthy Employees are Happy Employees

Making sure that your employees are protected offers more benefits than just the ones that kick in when an accident occurs. The peace of mind in knowing that an accident on the job won’t leave them destitute can help significantly boost employee morale, which in turn can improve production and overall performance. As your company’s most important asset, it pays to make sure that your employees are healthy, happy, and protected by workers’ compensation insurance.


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