Why Every Homeowner Needs Flood Insurance

flood sign

The flooding lately around the Dallas area has been a reminder of the importance of flood insurance. Homeowners whose homes have been damaged are caught unaware that flooding is not normally covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy. Jeff Van Matre of the Van Matre Insurance Agency of Dallas, Texas has years of experience of helping homeowners with their insurance needs including flood insurance.

What is flood Insurance?

Flood insurance protects a homeowner against the structural and cosmetic damages that water may cause their property.

Many homeowners fail to recognize the need for flood insurance because they mistakenly believe that their property is flood proof. As many Dallas area homeowners have discovered, living near a lake, river, or stream is not the only way flooding can occur. Many municipalities have flood drainage issues which do not surface themselves until flash flooding occurs. When a long lasting storm deluges an area with inches of water, a local flood control system may not be able to accommodate the amount of water quickly enough to prevent damage.

National Flood Insurance Program:

If you live in a zone that has had past flood issues, it is possible that you may qualify for a standard flood insurance policy for your property. The United States Government offers insurance through a program entitled the National Flood Insurance Program. An experienced insurance agent like Jeff Van Matre can help you determine your eligibility.

Federal assistance for flooding:

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that if disaster comes via flooding, the federal government will step in and help them. Federal disaster assistance is normally a low interest loan to help rebuild their homes. It is not a gift, but a loan. It is normally a loan added to a homeowner’s existing mortgage. Federal disaster assistance is only available with the presidential approval.

About Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency:

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