Why Electrical Contractors Need Business Insurance

electrical contractor at work

As an electrical contractor, you encounter danger every day, and acquiring insurance to provide a safety net in case you are injured is vital to maintaining your business. However, as an independent contractor, you have a lot more to consider for your insurance needs than what might happen to you, especially if you employ any additional workers. To help you protect yourself, your clients, and your company, we explain why electrical contractors need business insurance, and how to keep your policies tailored to reduce unnecessary costs.

How to Get Adequate Coverage

Like any insurance plan, the needs of your electrical contractors business insurance will depend on a variety of factors. For instance, the size of your business, whether you service more residential areas than business areas, or vice versa, and more can determine how much of what policies would serve you best. To help you customize your business insurance policies, we’ll work closely with you on a one-on-one basis, learning the unique nature of your business to determine what liabilities you may be most exposed to. In addition to general liability insurance, you may also require worker’s comp (for employees), commercial vehicle insurance, property insurance, and/or umbrella insurance, for unforeseen liabilities.

How to Keep Insurance Costs Down

Electrocution and falling off of ladders might be the most obvious dangers of electrical contractor work, but there’s also pedestrian traffic to consider (if you work in a busy area), accidents that might occur after you’ve completed work, and damage to other people’s property or persons. To make sure you’re adequately covered, our insurance agency works independently, allowing us to find the right underwriter for you, rather than working to drive business toward a parent conglomerate. Besides the warm, inviting customer service we provide, we can also better ensure that your policy contains only what you need to protect you and your investments.


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