Why Choose An Independent Insurance Agent?

businesswoman weighing options

There are a lot of insurance agents out there who are associated with (read: tied to) large, franchise insurance systems or major underwriters. So, what are the advantages of dealing with an independent insurance agent from Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency?

You have more choices

If you work with an agent that is part of a franchise system, such as State Farm or Allstate, those agents tend to offer policies favored by their franchisor. If you work with an agent that is tied into an underwriter, the policies presented tend to be from the underwriter themselves. But an independent agent has the flexibility to be able to offer any policy from any underwriter. This tends to give not only more choices, but can also allow you to customize your overall insurance plan.

You may save money

An advantage of dealing with an independent insurance agent is that you will be presented a variety of policies from a number of underwriters. Although pricing should not be the only prerequisite for selecting a policy, it is certainly part of the mix. The opportunity to save money on a less expensive policy with the level of coverage you need is very good with an independent insurance agent.

Independent agents have no built-in bias

By representing several underwriters, an independent insurance agent has no real built in bias to influence which policy a client may choose. This allows an independent agent to present openly the advantages and disadvantages of various policies.

Claims assistance

Having an independent insurance agent allows the agent to be more of an advocate for you in the claim process. If your agent works for the underwriter, it is easy to see how conflict could arise.

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