What’s In A Business Owner Policy?


For most people, becoming their own boss is an unattainable goal. For the lucky few, hard work and perseverance and make this dream a reality. However, with the perks of being your own boss come the innumerable responsibilities. After all, you are responsible for what happens at your business, including both successes and failures. As a result, you should protect yourself with a business owner policy. What’s in a business owner policy?

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Owner Insurance

Question: When do I need a policy like this?

Answer: If you run your own company then you need a policy that protects you and your business. Otherwise, a disruption to your business could lead to lost revenue and place your company at risk. In addition, should you be considered liable for an accident involving your company or commercial vehicle then you may need protection against lawsuits and settlements.

Question: Does the policy protect my business?

Answer: Yes. The policy can actually incorporate a number of different policies, consolidated into a single policy that provides the best protection for your business and your budget. For example, your insurance may offer coverage should your property become damaged, should theft occur, and liability coverage for your property and vehicle.

Question: What if I am forced to temporarily close my business?

Answer: Should a disaster force you to close your doors for a temporary amount of time, a policy can help you cover costs and payroll to ensure this temporary halt doesn’t hurt your company in the long run.

Question: Are my work vehicles covered?

Answer: If you have commercial vehicles used to transport products or for employee use, then you can obtain commercial vehicle coverage. This can offer coverage should your car be stolen, damaged, or involved in an accident. If you have any questions, please contact our office today.


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