What Would You Do?


Texas is all about ranching. There are ranches that have been in families for generations. Whether it is a small ranch, big ranch, medium ranch or something in between it is an asset that needs protecting. A ranch is much more responsibility that simply owning a home, but if you are a farmer or rancher we don’t need to tell you that. In addition to your property and residence, your assets include farm equipment, crops, livestock, and additional buildings. If you were to suffer a fire, windstorm, hail, flood, or your livestock became diseased what would you do?

Types of Coverage

There are a variety of different coverages when it comes to insurance policies. That’s why they can be so confusing. Are these types of coverage appropriate for your farm or ranch? That is another question that must be answered. Property coverage types alone include coverage for your livestock, crops, equipment, home, household property, and farm structures. Transportation Floater insurance covers your property while in transit. But what about people, you, your family, visitors, and any farm employees you may have?

Liability Insurance

Let’s face it farmers and ranchers are up against as many dangers as an electrician, servicing and operating large equipment, working with wild animals, and more. They, their family, visitors, neighbors, and friends may also be at risk. There are a number of scenarios that could happen at any time that might bring injury. What if your donkey kicked someone in the shin, your chicken pecked the neighbor’s kid, or one of your steer went on a rampage. As they say the truth is stranger than fiction. The liability section of a farmer or rancher’s policy protects the owner from the following due to a situation involving the operations or premises of the insured:

  • Bodily injury claims
  • Property damage


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