What Type Of Insurance Does Your Business Need?


cyberChoosing insurance for your business can feel like being lost in a maze. There are so many choices, contingencies, types, and of course questions about them all. Your insurance agents are there to help you find your way out of that insurance maze. An experienced agent like Jeff Van Matre can foresee circumstances you’ve yet to consider and help you decide upon the right type of coverage to protect your assets. Jeff is in the business of anticipating the types of insurance coverage your business needs.

Technology Insurance

Does your company need technology insurance? Technology insurance builds upon other types of insurance to offer industry-specific protection to technology companies.  Although not a lot of difference between technology insurance and professional-liability insurance, when a technology company buys errors and omissions insurance, software-copyright infringement may be included so if someone accuses them of copying their software code and decides to sue, they will be covered.  If you own a consulting business, a copyright-infringement extension is available that covers such things as accidently using an image that belongs to someone else. Both offerings may be a valuable asset depending upon your business needs.


Cyberinsurance covers businesses in the event that they experience a cyberattack. Cyberinsurance protects you in case your website is hacked, defaced, or your customer data base is stolen. In such cases, it will cover the cost of restoring the website, and reconstituting the database. For small businesses this insurance may be cost prohibitive. Bigger companies with a larger online presence are more likely to be targeted and can find it a valuable asset. To make this type of insurance available to smaller companies, it is likely that insurance companies will integrate cybercrime protection into other forms of insurance, much like it is already done for technology insurance.


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