What To Consider When Looking For Restaurant Insurance

wine glasses on restaurant table

You may be opening your first restaurant. Or you might be expanding and opening a new location. You may just be fed up with trying to educate your insurance agent about the ins and outs of the restaurant business. You may even have recently discovered that something you thought was covered in your existing policy was not covered.

The result is an expensive mistake or oversight. In response to any of these situations, you have started to look for an insurance agent who not only understands the restaurant business, but has specialized in it as a major component of his portfolio.

Jeff Van Matre of Matre Insurance, Carrollton, Texas is such an agent. His twenty plus years in the insurance world has given him vast experience in insuring all types of restaurant operations.

What types of coverage should be considered?

Although there are many options, five areas will apply to almost any restaurant operation:

Property Insurance:

The premises must be insured in case of fire or other events. Typically, floods and earthquakes are not covered in Property Insurance unless a special rider is made. Any entity that is financed will need this type of policy to cover not only the bank obligations, but the replacement cost of the contents and building.

Workers Compensation:

Workers Compensation is not only beneficial, it may be required. If any employee is injured as a result of his or her employment, Workers Compensation will protect the restaurant from potentially large medical claims.

Liquor Liability:

If a restaurant operation serves any type of wine, beer, or liquor, this insurance may be required. It is certainly desirable as a lawsuit resulting from a customer who has over-indulged has closed numerous profitable establishments.

General Liability:

Every restaurant should have general liability coverage to protect the business against any slip and fall episode or any instance of food poisoning. With the litigious environment of our society, adequate general liability coverage is always desirable.

Automobile Coverage:

If a restaurant has any vehicles or if they have any food delivery component, automobile coverage needs to be attained.  It may be covered by the umbrella, but your agent should help you evaluate the amount and the need.

Customization Of Your Insurance:

Every restaurant operation is different. Jeff Van Matre can customize your policies to fit your various operations and give you an economical solution. Isn’t it time to deal with an insurance agent that you do not have to educate or train? Deal with someone who understands not only your operation, but the restaurant industry.

About Jeff Van Matre Insurance:

If you want to make sure you have the right restaurant insurance coverage, call The Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency at 972-492-8500, which offers customized insurance policies that feature a variety of coverage options. Call us today to discuss a policy or receive a quote. Located in Carrollton TX, we proudly serve individuals and businesses in Carrollton, Lewisville, Dallas, Irving, Plano, and surrounding communities.