What to Consider Before Buying a Home

buying a new home

You’ve saved for years with the dream of finally exiting the rent race and buying your own home. Now that the time has come, you don’t want to rush into anything. After all, a house is one of the biggest, and most important, lifelong investments you’ll make, and if you aren’t careful, it may prove more nightmare than dream home. Fortunately, you can help yourself avoid dumping your savings into a disaster by understanding what to look for before buying a home, including the best way to protect your investment with a customized homeowner’s insurance plan.

Research the Neighborhood

If you’re interested in a house that’s outside of your current community, then it would be a good idea to research the new town or neighborhood before putting in an offer. You can search online for local newspapers, government community sites, schools, crime rates, etc. to get an idea of what the neighborhood is like.

Inspect the Roof and Foundation

When it comes to the house itself, you need to make sure that you’re not investing in something that will need costly repairs in the near future. Roof repair and foundation work are among the most expensive fix-ups, so be sure to check them carefully for erosion, cracks, or other signs of age and potential trouble.

How’s the Plumbing?

Plumbing can be another costly expense, especially if the pipes are old and haven’t been serviced or replaced recently. Run the water in the sinks and bath tubs, flush the toilets, and turn on any outside faucets to make sure the plumbing is sound. You might also want to taste the tap water to gauge its cleanliness.

Take It Seriously

Buying your new house is a big step, and should be taken seriously. Hire contractors and inspectors to professionally check the house, research the realtor and agency selling the house, and visit the house at different times of the day, and on different days of the week.

Insuring Your Investment

After you’ve thoroughly done your research and purchased your new home, your next step should be to insure the house and all of your personal property. As independent agents, the Jeff Van Matre Agency can help you customize a homeowner’s insurance policy, as well as any pertinent additional coverage, to provide maximum coverage for your most treasured belongings.


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