What to Ask Your Independent Insurance Agent

questions for your insurance agent

Questions are your most important resource when shopping for insurance, or gauging if an insurance agent is the right fit for you. For instance, if an agent is hesitant to answer your questions, or seems unknowledgeable in his/her answers, then it may be a good idea to move on. Even after you’ve chosen an agent, however, the right questions may still be necessary to make sure you are receiving all of the insurance coverage you need, and nothing more.

Should I Opt for a Lower Deductible, or Lower Premium?

Numbers can be confusing when you aren’t entirely unsure what they mean. If an insurance agent dazzles you with a low monthly payment, or a low out-of-pocket cost in case of an accident or claim, then you should consider the higher expenses on the other end. Whether you should opt for a lower deductible or a lower premium depends on your specific circumstances, and we can help you determine a proper balance during a personal, one-on-one consultation.

What Does My Car Insurance Actually Cover?

Some insurance terms, like rental insurance, or “full-coverage” insurance, seem self-explanatory, but could still be a bit misleading. For example, “full-coverage” is a misnomer (and not an actual insurance policy), and there are many things that such a plan will not cover unless you specifically add them. Be sure to ask exactly what your insurance plan covers, and what it should cover according to your circumstances, before finalizing your policy.

Can I Add Property/Vehicles to My Insurance Policy?

This may be one of the more complicated questions, since the ability to add property or vehicles to an insurance policy depends on the specifics of the policy itself. If you have children and plan on buying them vehicles when they are of age, or if you plan on purchasing more property in the future, then mention your plans during your consultation to see how we can help make the process easier.


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