What Type Of Property Insurance Do You Need?


Do you own your own company? If so, then you may have a building, such as a storefront or warehouse, which your business operates out of. What happens if this building becomes damaged or you’re forced to relocate following a disaster? Normally, this could be the end of your venture. However, with commercial property insurance you can receive coverage to protect your investment.

Which Level is For You?

You can obtain property insurance that protects your building, whether you own the building or are renting or leasing it. Remember, if you are renting and leasing the landlord most likely does have a policy in place, but this only protects the landlord’s investment. To cover your damages or the tools and fixtures you owned and operated you need your own insurance policy. There are a number of different levels of protection, depending on your budget and your needs. Our agents can help you decide which level works best for you.


With basic coverage, the policy mainly addresses the more common risks to your business, such as a fire, smoke damage, or damage from a lightening strike. This is the minimum level of coverage you can obtain for your building.


This is the mid level, in addition to covering fire, smoke, or lightening; this also includes damage from falling objects or broken glass. You receive a greater level of coverage with the broad option.


This is a comprehensive policy, one that covers a wide array of possible situations that can damage the building or your tools/equipment/machinery inside. For the highest level of protection we may recommend a similar policy.

How Do I Get Started?

If you have any questions about property insurance, then please contact your Carrollton, TX insurance agency today. We can discuss your needs and what you need to adequately protect your business.


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