What Kind of Contractor’s Insurance Do I Need?

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Business insurance is as diverse as the world of independent contractors. Yet, whether you’re a plumbing, construction, electrical, or engineering contractor, you’ll need the right insurance coverage to protect yourself, your work, and your business. As an independent insurance company, our goal is to determine your exact needs and preferences to make sure that the specifics of your contractor’s insurance coverage will offer the maximum protection for you and your business.

Insurance for Most Independent Contractors

Most businesses, regardless of their respective fields, will need general liability insurance to cover expenses arising from accidental damage or harm to someone other than you or an employee. It might also cover some of your equipment, depending on your exact plan.

If you have employees other than yourself, you’ll also need worker’s compensation insurance in case an employee is injured while on the job. Medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses can be covered by worker’s comp so that you don’t have to take the brunt of the expenses onto yourself or the business.

To determine the extent of coverage you need, including additional policies besides general liability and worker’s comp, we’ll work closely with you and discuss the nature of your contracting business, as well as which combination of coverage plans will offer the most protection.

Personalized, Specific Coverage

As many contractors know, independence is freedom, but it can also be a burden if you don’t buffer yourself and your assets from the liabilities of your business and employees (if applicable). To get the peace of mind you deserve by protecting what you’ve worked so hard to build, speak with us today to discuss your contracting company’s insurance needs.


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