What Kind of Auto Insurance Do You Have?

car in hand

Insurance is almost as important to your automobile as the physical components that make up its engine, chassis, and body. If any of these parts are damaged or destroyed, then the right auto insurance coverage can replace them (or your whole car, if applicable) without placing an excessive burden on your expenses. A lack of adequate coverage, however, can leave you without a safety net when you need it most.

Is Liability Enough?

In many states, including Texas, driving without liability insurance is illegal. Liability coverage ensures that anyone who is injured or suffers property damage in an accident you cause will be protected from the resulting repair and medical costs. Still, liability insurance alone won’t help you if your vehicle is damaged, or if you incur medical charges due to injuries sustained in the accident.

Are You Really Covered By “Full Coverage” Insurance?

While liability is the minimum amount of insurance coverage most drivers require, many believe that “full coverage” is the opposite extreme. The name suggests that you’ll be covered by any and all circumstances arising from most conceivable situations. The truth, though, is that there is no real insurance plan entitled “full coverage,” and people who mistakenly believe that their plan includes everything may be sorely disappointed to learn they’re not covered in an accident.

Find a Plan That Fits You and Your Automobile

If you want to protect your vehicle and wellbeing, then liability insurance won’t suffice. To create a truly all-encompassing insurance plane, or one that suits your exact needs and preferences, our highly-experienced agents will consult with you to determine what type, or types, of coverage will provide the protection you need.


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