What Is In General Liability Coverage?


As a business owner you know you need insurance, especially general liability coverage. What is in general liability coverage? Is this enough to adequately protect your business from lawsuits or other issues? We take a look at a few common questions people often ask about liability coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About General Liability Coverage

Question: How much is covered?

Answer: That varies greatly from policy to policy. After all, we need to take into consideration your type of business and the likelihood of employees becoming injured or the chances of a lawsuit occurring. You should meet with your Carrollton, TX insurance agent to discuss the details and find out what level of coverage your business requires.

Question: What if someone is injured on my property?

Answer: This is a major reason for carrying liability insurance. If someone becomes injured in your business or as a result of your company’s actions you may be liable. Likewise, if someone becomes injured or has their property damaged as a result of your services or products.

Question: What if I’m sued?

Answer: Following an injury or accident, then there is a high risk you may be sued. Even if the suit is frivolous or you win, you need to pay for attorneys and various other legal fees. Having general liability insurance can provide protection for your finances and assets in the event of a lawsuit.

Question: What if I exceed my coverage?

Answer: In most cases, the general liability policy will provide adequate protection. However, you can also carry other policies for an added level of protection. If you have company cars or trucks, you can carry commercial auto insurance. To safeguard your company if you are held responsible for a mistake then you can carry an Errors & Omissions policy. If you have any questions about your business insurance options, then please contact our office today.


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