What Is Floater Insurance?

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Sometimes having homeowners insurance is just not enough. Sure, it will cover the contents of your home. But what about your most prized possession? How can you put on a price on the family tree needlepoint wall hanging that your great grandmother made? A homeowners insurance policy will pay you the replacement cost of the wall hanging, but not what it is worth to you. A floater insurance policy covers those highly prized possessions at an already agreed upon amount. Jeff Van Matre of the Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency has helped clients prepare for these types of insurance issues throughout his years in the insurance industry.

How does floater insurance work?

You have something that is of great value to you, but an insurance company may dispute the value if a claim arose. A few examples might be a stamp collection, or treasured jewelry that has been handed down from generation to generation, or an autographed first edition of a prized book. Usually there is no deductible for floater insurance. If the floater insurance is to cover a piece of art or some type of collection, sometimes an appraisal is required.

One of the great benefits of floater insurance is that the amount to be paid has already been determined when the policy is issued.  So, if the item becomes lost, stolen, or damaged, the amount the insurance company will pay the policyholder is already set.

Is floater insurance affordable?

Floater insurance is not only affordable, it is also a great way to protect your most prized possessions. Often a homeowner does not realize that items such as artwork, oriental rugs, antiques, collections, and silver are not going to be fully insured to their greatest value.  An experienced insurance agent, like Jeff Van Matre of the Van Matre Insurance Agency, can assist you in determining which of your assets warrant a floater insurance policy.

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