What Fits Under Umbrella Insurance?

what fits under umbrella insurance

The term, “umbrella,” may naturally garner the general feeling of protection and coverage. When it comes to your home and auto insurance policies, the concept remains the same. Umbrella insurance is designed to provide additional security and peace of mind when your regular insurance plans will not suffice. During your personal consultation, we can determine if additional umbrella coverage is appropriate, and to what extent, to help ensure that you are not left without protection when you need it the most.

What Umbrella Insurance Covers

Like an umbrella, the insurance that shares its name is meant to protect you when unforeseen circumstances expose you to more than you planned for. In essence, umbrella insurance is extra liability insurance, and it extends the limits placed on your main home and/or car insurance plans. Umbrella insurance may also prove relevant if there is a dispute or gray area concerning the limits of your main insurance plan. Common instances can include a severe accident in which the damage is more than your insurance’s maximum limit, or, in the case of business insurance, if you are being sued and the legal costs are beyond what your insurance will cover.

How Do You Know if Umbrella Coverage is for You?

Though it is a safety net that most people should have, the exact amount and nature of your umbrella insurance depends on a number of unique factors. For instance, if it’s to modify your business’ liability insurance, then your needs will be different than umbrella coverage for your automobile, or for your house. The best way to know whether or not umbrella insurance is right for you, and exactly how much would offer the most protection at the lowest expense, schedule a personal consultation with your independent insurance agent, Jeff Van Matre, as soon as possible.


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