What Does a Typical Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover?

homeowner's insurance plan

Your home is unique, and so is the exact homeowner’s insurance policy that you need to protect it. While there is no one-size-fits-all insurance policy, there are certain things that all homeowners need to protect, such as the physical structures of their homes and the valued possessions inside of them. In most instances, a typical home insurance plan will contain a few standard coverages, though the particulars (and additional, case-specific coverage) will depend on your unique circumstances.

The Structure(s) of Your Home

It takes more than a house to make a home, but the physical structure may be one of the most expensive, and important, investments you make. As such, the structure of your home is often the first and foremost thing to consider when building your homeowner’s insurance plan. While the plan may cover damage to your dwelling that results from theft, vandalism, or accidents, coverage for some damages (like natural disasters) may need to be supplemented into your policy.

The Belongings Inside Your Home

In most cases, the belongings inside of your home, like your furniture, clothes, and other valuable items, are typically included in a homeowner’s insurance plan. If you choose, you may even include protection for your belongings when they aren’t inside of your home. For some items, like highly-valuable artwork or jewelry, you should inquire about floater’s insurance, which can offer specific coverage for your more prized possessions.

Additional Structures

Besides the basics, adequate home insurance may also call for a few more specifics, depending on your exact needs. For instance, if your property also contains smaller, unattached buildings, like a garage, shed, or gazebo, then you should verify that your insurance plan covers them.


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