What Do You Know About Personal Insurance?


You probably have some form of personal insurance, most likely auto coverage or possibly even homeowners insurance. However, these are not the only personal insurance policies available. In fact, there are other forms of coverage that can provide levels of protection you didn’t know were available. What do you know about personal insurance?

Try Our Personal Insurance Quiz

  1. True or False: Even if you have homeowners, you need additional flood coverage.
  2. True or False: You can protect individual valuables with a floater policy.
  3. True or False: Umbrella coverage provides additional liability protection.
  4. True or False: If you rent, you should consider a renters policy.

Answer Key

  1. True. Typically a homeowners policy does not cover damage from flood. Even if you live in an area not prone to flooding, coverage can protect you from excessive rain, back up sewer lines, and other issues that can lead to flood damage. Without coverage, your home may require repairs beyond your ability to afford.
  2. True. If you have collectible items or jewelry or other items of high value you can purchase coverage for them. A floater policy protects these items should they become lost, damaged, or stolen. Remember, your homeowners policy may not cover the full value of individual items within your home.
  3. True. If you are at fault in a car accident or if someone becomes injured in your home or on your property, you may be liable. Your homeowners and auto insurance may contain liability coverage, but between a lawsuit and medical bills this may not be enough to cover the full costs. An umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage.
  4. True. If you are a renter you should consider a policy to protect your belongings within the home you’re renting. Otherwise, you could be at a loss should a fire or robbery occur. As someone who rents, you should also have a policy to protect the property in the event the rent house becomes damaged. Remember, a homeowners policy becomes void once you move out and someone else moves in.


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