What Do You Know About Auto Insurance?


Our cars not only get us from point A to point B, but they can also be an expression of our personality. In addition, they are a very expensive investment and are often crucial for everything from arriving to work on time to picking up groceries. As with any investment, you want to protect it when possible. What do you know about auto insurance? What kind of coverage does your vehicle need?

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  1. True or False: The state requires auto coverage.
  2. True or False: Required liability coverage does not cover your medical costs or your car.
  3. True or False: You may consider umbrella insurance for additional liability protection.
  4. True or False: If your car is a company car you may need commercial coverage as well.

Answer Key

  1. True. If you live in the state of Texas, then you are required by law to obtain minimum liability coverage.
  2. True. The policy is designed to cover the costs should you injure someone or damage their vehicle in an accident you are at fault in. As for your medical costs and vehicle, these are not covered unless you carry a more substantial policy. You can obtain a policy that covers medical costs for you and your passengers, towing fees, reimbursement should you need a rental until your car has been fixed, or collision coverage to provide repair costs. You can also discuss a comprehensive policy, which also protects your vehicle should it be stolen or damaged by fire, flood, tornado, or hail.
  3. True. While the state requires a minimum level of liability coverage, you could end up in deep financial straits should the other party’s medical bills and repair costs exceed this amount. However, you can purchase umbrella insurance, which offers additional liability coverage.
  4. True. You can obtain supplement insurance if you use your vehicle as a company car. The coverage provides another layer of protection should the car become damaged, stolen, or involved in an accident.


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