What Could Raise My Car Insurance Rates?

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You can’t be expected to custom-design your own comprehensive car insurance plan, complete with a full range of policies to protect you in any situation, without intimate knowledge of the insurance world. Fortunately, as an independent insurance agent in Carrollton, TX, Jeff Van Matre already knows the ins-and-outs. And with no obligations to anyone other than you, we can help you build a plan that’s exactly right, without unnecessary or hidden costs and fees. For answers to more questions about what influences your car insurance, or to get a free quote, schedule a consultation with Jeff as soon as possible

Besides a Car Accident…

Wrecking your car, or allowing someone else to drive, who then wrecks it, is often a guaranteed way to raise your car insurance rates, unless you pay for the repairs and costs yourself. Besides accidents, however, higher rates are often associated with a number of other reasons, such as;

  • Driver’s age—younger, inexperienced drivers and senior citizens (especially with vision problems) may have slightly higher rates due to an increased risk of accidents.
  • Vehicle’s age—the newer your car is, the more costly repairs and other related expenses may be; therefore, newer cars tend to have higher rates than an older model whose repairs would be less expensive.
  • Mileage—the more you drive your car every day, the more exposed you are to potential accidents, and the more an insurance underwriter may charge you for adequate coverage.
  • Additional drivers—quite sensibly, your car insurance rates will be raised if you add another driver to your policy; how much will be determined by the driver’s age, experience, and driving history (if any).
  • Careless driving—even if you didn’t cause an accident, being stopped and receiving a traffic ticket could influence your insurance coverage costs.


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