What are Your Business’ Insurance Needs?

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It’s been said that it’s not how many times you fall that’s important, but whether or not you get back up. In many cases, sufficient insurance coverage makes the difference between walking away from a situation relatively unscathed, and never fully recovering from the incident at all. Insurance protects more than just your business’ property and other assets; it also protects your peace of mind and your company’s future. As an independent Carrollton insurance agency, we only answer to our clients, ensuring that you always receive personalized customer service and an insurance plan that offers you optimal coverage at minimum cost.

Business Insurance

As experts in the business, we understand that the sometimes-murky waters of business insurance policies can seem overwhelming to the average business owner. Unless insurance is your business, you’ve likely grown and cultivated your expertise in other areas. Fortunately, our highly-experienced team of agents will consult with you to learn your exact needs, the size and nature of your business, how many employees and business assets need coverage, and how best to protect yourself and your company.

General liability coverage

Of all insurance policies, general liability coverage is the one every business should have. General liability protects you from accidents that result in personal injury or property damage, either at your place of business or as a consequence of using the products or services you provide. It also protects you from libel and slander lawsuits.

Commercial property insurance

For the concrete aspects of your business, such as the building, tools, machinery, and vehicles, commercial property insurance usually comes in three basic options. Basic insurance applies to common risks, including fire, smoke, and lightning strikes. Broad insurance increases coverage to include additional risks like damage from falling objects or broken glass. Special coverage can essentially cover any risk imaginable within the confines of your business’ operations.

Worker’s compensation insurance

If you have employees, then worker’s comp may be as vital as any other insurance plan. It protects your business from quickly becoming unprofitable in the event that an employee is injured on the job. We’ll help you develop a worker’s comp plan to suit your business’ size and requirements as part of your optimized business insurance coverage.

About Your Carrollton Insurance Company:

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