What About Plumbing Contractor’s Insurance?

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As an independent plumbing contractor, you pride yourself on your work. Yet, accidents can happen no matter how careful and precise you are, and securing adequate protection under a plumbing contractor’s insurance plan will help you continue your work in spite of unforeseen events. As a dedicated independent Dallas insurance agent, Jeff Van Matre will take the time to learn the specifics of your business and its unique needs to develop a customized insurance plan that will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

What Kind of Protection Do You Need?

Plumbing encompasses a number of different things, and your business’ insurance needs depend on the exact nature of your plumbing business. Regardless of your specialty, though, there are certain types of coverage, such as general liability, that you will most likely need. Typically, this coverage falls within a few main categories, including;

  • Bodily injury caused by you or an employee to someone visiting your business, or to someone present at a job site
  • Advertising, which protects you from litigation and damages arising from your marketing practices (such as false advertising or slander against a competitor)
  • Liability coverage that helps insure the work you perform or services you provide in case of miscommunication or client dissatisfaction

However, additional insurance policies may be required depending on the size of your business, the specific equipment you use, and the nature of the work you perform. For instance, if your business is large enough to employ one or more workers besides yourself, then you’ll need to add worker’s compensation insurance to protect your employees. Commercial vehicle insurance will also be recommended for any vehicles you use while conducting business, and will vary depending on the type and quantity of vehicles you use.


With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, the Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency can help you choose the right coverage plan to protect your personal and business assets and put your mind at ease. To learn more, visit us online, or call our Carrollton office today at 972-492-8500.