Want To Learn More About Flood Insurance?


Once again parts of the state was recently inundated with heavy rains. We feel this is a great time to bring up the importance of flood insurance. As the name suggests, this is a policy meant to cover your home in the event of a flood. Without this coverage you may be unable to afford the repairs your home requires after the disaster.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flood Insurance

Question: What if I don’t live near large bodies of water?

Answer: Areas of low risk aren’t immune to damage from flooding due to excessive rainfall, a damaged sewer line, melting snow, or other similar scenarios. In a low risk area you can typically obtain a preferred risk policy, which may be more affordable and still cover you should flooding occur. The exact coverage will vary and depend on the type of policy you obtain.

Question: How do I get coverage in an area prone to flooding?

Answer: High-risk areas include houses near large bodies of water or areas that been known to experience flooding In these situations you may need to obtain coverage from the National Flood Insurance Program. If you have questions about eligibility then contact our team, we can help you.

Question: Shouldn’t my homeowners already cover this?

Answer: Many people assume this is the case. However, homeowner policies never carry protection from damage related to flooding. You will need a separate policy, otherwise you may be without coverage when disaster strikes.

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: The first step is to contact your Carrollton, TX insurance agency. We have agents who can assess your risk factors and decide if you are eligible for a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program. We can also discuss which policies and coverage levels you require. Contact our office today for more information.


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