The Truth About Full Coverage Insurance in Carrollton

woman with new carYou probably hear a lot about “full coverage” auto insurance and the benefits of making sure you, your family, and your valuable assets are protected. Unfortunately, full coverage insurance doesn’t necessarily exist, and people who believe they’re insured under a full coverage plan are often sorely disappointed to learn that they’re not, in fact, covered when they need it the most. Your Carrollton, TX insurance agency explains the pitfalls with the term “full coverage,” and can help you build the right insurance plan that truly covers your specific needs.

Probably Not What You Think

At JVM Insurance, we avoid the term “full coverage” like the plague. The problem is that the term has no clear definition; some people assume it means liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance combined, while others believe it means any and all situations are covered. Such a misunderstanding can devastate people in serious situations, who learn that their insurance plans will not protect them. Luckily, we do offer a plan, known as umbrella insurance, that’s designed to protect your assets from accidents that could potentially ruin your finances. Umbrella insurance kicks in to cover “gray” areas, such as when liability issues arise that aren’t covered by your core insurance plan, or that exceed the limits of its coverage.

How to Custom Create a Real “Full Coverage” Plan

Clients seeking full coverage typically wish to protect their families and assets as best they can. Though no defined full coverage plan exists, we can still help you achieve the utmost protection by tailoring a plan that specifically addresses your needs and concerns. We’re an independent agency, which allows us to dedicate a significant amount of time and resources into our customer service, rather than advertising. Your best interests are our priority, and we offer a wide range of policies to cover your cars, homes, offices, valuables, businesses, employees, and company assets.

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