The Highlights of HVAC Contractor’s Insurance

hvac contractors insurance

As a heating and A/C contractor, you face a unique set of challenges, risks, and obstacles in your line of work. Accordingly, HVAC contractor’s insurance isn’t exactly the same as other business insurance policies, but is instead tailored to the nature of your business. To help you understand the intricacies of HVAC contractor’s insurance, we explore the risks you might encounter in the course of running your company.

The Risks You Might Encounter

To Yourself and Your Employees

Dealing with heavy equipment and complex mechanical components means you are constantly at some risk of injury, as is anyone who also works for you company. Therefore, comprehensive worker’s compensation insurance is especially important to protect your business and employees in case of employee injury.

To Clients and Others

Whether you work mostly in commercial buildings or residential homes, clients and bystanders are almost always a consideration when you’re repairing or installing a product. If an accident occurs while you are working, the potential collateral damage could be more extensive than in other lines of work. A well-built general liability policy will protect you in most instances by covering the expenses related to replacing property, paying hospital bills for those injured, and more, if necessary.

To Your Company’s Property/Assets

Tools, vehicles, parts, heating and A/C units, and other related company properties are also unique to the HVAC industry, and should be specifically protected in the event of unforeseen catastrophes. Since service is a large part of the industry, your ability to maintain your business’ standard of excellence relies on making sure you have the right equipment and property at all times. As part of your general liability insurance, we’ll also include specific coverage for all of your company’s assets, including commercial property and vehicle insurance, to reduce the negative impact that property loss can have on your business.


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