The Gift Of Piece Of Mind


With insurance coverage, we like to think of people as receiving the gift of piece of mind. After all, a policy could mean everything from reimbursement following a disaster to coverage for medical bills. During the holidays we like to reflect on everything we are thankful for. Why not take time to make sure you have a policy that adequately protects those items as well?

Cover Your Home

Your house doesn’t just protect you from your elements, this is the place where memories are made and where you often gather for the holiday season. With an insurance policy you can cover the physical structure should it become damaged or destroyed. A home policy can also reimburse you should you need to leave your home. In addition, the policy can also cover the items inside your home. Without this protection you could find yourself in a financially perilous state should the worst occur.

Protect That New Car

Did you and your family pick up a new car during the holidays? If so, you’re probably very excited about your new investment. While the state only requires the minimum of liability coverage, we always recommend a little more. After all, if can accident happens liability only covers the cost of repairs and medical bills for the other party. You can obtain an auto policy that also includes coverage for you and your vehicle, including reimbursement for towing and rental costs. You can talk to our team about your options today.

Want to Safeguard That Special Gift?

What if you receive an extra special gift, such as jewelry or a collectible that holds a lot of meaning for you? If so, you should consider a floater policy. This protects certain items should they be lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed. If you have any questions about our home, auto, or floater policies then please contact your Carrollton, TX insurance agency today.


With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, the Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency can help you choose the right coverage plan to protect your personal and business assets and put your mind at ease. To learn more, or to get a free quote,  call our Carrollton office today at 972-492-8500.