The Big Deal About Commercial Vehicle Insurance

commercial vehicle insurance

In this day and age, transportation is the lifeline of most people’s personal and professional lives, as well as the livelihood of most companies, regardless of their size. Like your personal automobile, your business’ vehicles are important, and so is insuring them to protecting your company’s and your employees’ interests. Today, we help clarify the importance of commercial vehicle insurance, and why you should make sure that your business is properly protected by it.

What Commercial Vehicle Insurance Protects

Commercial vehicle insurance is similar to personal car insurance in many respects. For instance, both plans should cover costs of repair and other relevant expenses, to an extent—within limits, and if the situation qualifies. The difference is that commercial insurance is designed specifically for vehicles that are necessary to continue the operation of your business. In other words, commercial insurance not only protects your vehicles and finances, but also the success of your company, by limiting complications that could arise from a vehicle-related accident.

My Business is Small…Do I Really Need It?

If you only have one or two company vehicles, it might seem less expensive to forego commercial vehicle insurance, or to only get the bare minimum. However, such an oversight could cost you dearly in the future, especially if your business is relatively small and would have a harder time absorbing the expenses of a vehicle accident. To help make sure you’re adequately covered, speak with us today about custom-building a business and commercial auto insurance plan that suits you.


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