The Benefits of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

benefits of comprehensive auto insurance

With the many different options for car insurance, choosing the right policy can seem challenging. Because of the difficulty, many people choose to purchase either the cheapest option, the first option presented to them, or no car insurance at all. Most often, however, the preferable choice is a comprehensive auto insurance policy, which offers more protection for broader range of circumstances than a typical car insurance policy.

It Can Cover Your Repairs, Too

A minimum liability insurance plan, which is mandatory in the state of Texas, will cover the costs of repair and medical bills, if applicable, for someone involved in an accident that you cause. With comprehensive auto insurance, that protection can increase, as well as extend to your own vehicle’s repairs (in some cases).

It Can Prevent You From Being Stranded

If you are involved in an accident, or if your car suffers enough damage through other means and it cannot be driven, then a comprehensive plan can pay for the costs of alternate transportation until your vehicle is repaired. If the damage is enough that your car, truck, or van is deemed totaled (beyond repair), then your comprehensive plan may also include the costs of replacing the vehicle.

If Your Car is Stolen, Comprehensive Insurance Can Replace It

Beyond repairs and, in extreme cases, replacements due to damage, a comprehensive auto insurance plan can also help you regain transportation if your car is stolen. The specifics will vary depending on a number of different factors, but you can rest assured that if such a catastrophe strikes, you can rely on your auto insurance policy to take care of you.

We Can Custom-Design It

Like any of our custom-designed insurance plans, yours will begin with a personal consultation, where we can discuss the particulars of your vehicle and what your plan should include. Working one-on-one with an independent insurance agent will ensure that you only receive the coverage you need, and not be burdened with unnecessary (and expensive) extras.


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