The Basics of Restaurant Insurance

chefs in a restaurant kitchen

You’ve gone through great lengths to realize your dream and open your restaurant, and protecting that dream should be a top priority. Some business insurance policies may be necessary to legally own and operate your restaurant, while others might just make good sense to protect interests specific to your business. A personal consultation with one of our highly-experienced agents will help you determine exactly what your restaurant insurance policy should entail to offer the maximum protection at a reasonable cost.

What You Need to Protect

General liability

General liability is a policy that can protect you and your business assets in the event that a customer is injured at your restaurant, or falls ill after eating there. General liability is necessary to protect you against litigation.

Liquor liability

If you serve liquor in your restaurant, then the state will require you to hold a valid liquor license. Most states also require that a liquor license be accompanied by liquor liability insurance to protect you if someone causes harm driving home drunk from your establishment.

Worker’s compensation

Every business with several or more employees should carry worker’s compensation coverage. If an employee is hurt at work, worker’s comp will protect you, your business, and the employee from unmanageable circumstances.

Food contamination insurance

Food healthy and safety are an ongoing concern while running your restaurant, and can be the cause of many unforeseen troubles. If loss of power due to fallen power lines or inclement weather cause your stored food to spoil, then food contamination insurance can help you recuperate the loss.

Specific peril insurance

Some events, like natural disasters, that aren’t covered in your general liability policy can be covered with specific peril insurance. Applicable situations may include earthquakes, floods, tornadoes or hurricanes, or power outages due to any of the above.

Loss of business insurance

You can’t always predict, or even influence, the flow of your business, especially in today’s economy. Loss of business insurance can help you cover your losses if you lose income through a specific cause.

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