Starting a New Business? Start with the Right Insurance

insurance for a new business

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot to juggle when starting a new business. Making sure your company gets off the ground is a challenge in itself, let alone protecting your investment once you have it up and running. Therefore, one of the earliest, and perhaps most important, considerations when starting a new business is the insurance agency and policy you choose. With an extensive background and years of experience in the insurance industry, independent agent, Jeff Van Matre, can help you secure your new business with the right business insurance plan.

Understanding Your Unique Liability

One of the greatest challenges to building an adequate business insurance policy is the uniqueness of each individual company. Your insurance plan should be built around the nature of your business, the size of your company, the value of your company’s assets, and the extent of your liability when providing your products/services. To help ensure that your policy effectively addresses your business’ unique concerns, we will consult with you personally to custom-build your business insurance plan.

Business Insurance Policies

The first year or two of your business may be your most vulnerable, and your insurance policy may be your best defense against many common situations. Though your plan will be unique and specifically tailored to your needs, most business insurance policies contain the basics, such as;

  • General liabilityGeneral liability is perhaps the most important coverage that any business can acquire. Whether someone is injured at your place of business or as a result of your product/services, or you need protection against libel/slander, general liability coverage will protect your company.


With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, the Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency can help you choose the right coverage plan to protect your personal and business assets and put your mind at ease. To learn more, or to get a free quote,  call our Carrollton office today at 972-492-8500.