Should You Consider A Floater Policy?


Many of us have a collection. We may hunt down rare vinyl records, baseball cards or comics, or collect memorabilia from movies or historical items related to wars or distant ages. Either way, your collection is valuable to you. Did you know you may be able to protect these items with insurance coverage? Should you consider a floater policy?

Frequently Asked Questions About Floater Insurance

Question: Do I need this if I have homeowner’s insurance?

Answer: That depends on what is inside your home. Most policies do contain coverage for the contents in your home. However, if you have collectibles or valuables that may be worth a considerable amount you my need a separate policy to receive full compensation.

Question: What kinds of items can I insurance?

Answer: You can receive coverage for jewelry, collections (coins, comics, and more), antiques, autographs, and more. Anything you can ascribe value to can be safeguarded with the policy. Floater insurance can cover theft, loss, damage, or even a mysterious disappearance. No matter where you live or where your collection is, our coverage can help safeguard your valuables.

Question: How much is an average deductible?

Answer: Many people are surprised to find that the deductibles are very low. In fact, in some cases they are as low as $0.

Question: How do I sign up?

Answer: You just need to contact our office. We have agents who can look at your current levels of coverage and help you decide whether you need a floater policy or not. We can then discuss levels of coverage and what you need to provide adequate compensation should your collection or valuables become lost or stolen. If you have any questions we urge you to contact your Carrollton, TX insurance agency today.


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