Road Trip? What to Ask About Your Car Insurance First

car insurance for a road trip

As we roll into this holiday season, road trips are an inevitability for many of us. As you pack up the car and ready your family to travel, however, it’s important to ensure that the protection of your car insurance will follow you, and continue to provide adequate coverage during your road trip. To help keep you safe and secure, we answer a few questions that you should ask your agent about your car insurance before embarking on your road trip.

Am I still covered if I cross state lines?

The validity of your car insurance out of your home state depends on a number of factors. For instance, if you only have minimum liability coverage, then it might not be adequate enough to meet auto insurance standards in another state. If you have comprehensive car insurance, it will more likely meet each state’s requirements, but be sure to check with your agent first to be sure of the details of your insurance plan.

What if friends and family drive my car while I’m visiting?

If you’re visiting friends and family out of city or out of state, and they happen to drive your car, then your insurance may cover them, as well, since they don’t drive your vehicle often enough to increase your risk of an accident. However, again, we advise double-checking with your insurance to make sure your plan offers sufficient coverage in such instances.

Will I still get roadside assistance?

If your comprehensive car insurance includes roadside assistance, then it should follow you as you travel out of state. Still, the specifics may differ, depending on the extent of damage to your car (for instance, whether you have a flat tire, or your car no longer runs).


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