Protect Your Belongings with Renters Insurance


Moving into a new place can be a hectic and time-consuming ordeal. Between changing addresses and packing your belongings, insurance is the last thing on your mind. However, renters insurance helps protect your belongings when you live in a rental property. If a fire or water damages your apartment or rental home, you could find yourself in severe financial bind. Carrollton, TX insurance agency can also provide policies for those looking to rent out properties they already own.

Safeguard Your Possessions

The odds are that your landlord carries coverage for the property you’re moving into. Unfortunately, that policy is typically a homeowner’s policy, which only protects the property from damage, not your things inside the home. With renters insurance, your Carrollton TX insurance agency can craft a personalized policy to protect your assets should the property become damaged in by water or possibly a fire. Don’t risk your valuables by skipping out on crucial, and often very affordable, renters coverage. Contact a representative at the Jeff Van Matre Insurance Company today. We will create a policy tat fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Coverage for Rental Properties

If you own a home that you would like to rent out, talk to your Carrollton TX insurance agency today. Many homeowners policies become void the moment you move out and someone else moves in. To protect your property, you should talk to our representatives about Dwelling Fire Coverage. While the policy does cover damage in the event of fire, the coverage doesn’t stop there. In fact, Dwelling Fire Coverage can also provide coverage in the event someone becomes injured on your property. Protect your investment and your peace of mind with Dwelling Fire Coverage from Jeff Van Matre Insurance Company.

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