Questions to Ask When Choosing an Insurance Company

questions to ask insurance companies

Insurance provides security and peace of mind in an insecure world. It is a service that can also help protect you from sudden expenses due to unexpected circumstances. Yet, how do you know which company is the right insurance agency for you and your needs? Understanding the benefits that an insurance company can provide you requires that you ask questions. Below are a few you should ask before accepting any insurance company’s services.

Screening Your Insurance Agent

What kind of coverages do you offer?

Most companies offer different types of coverage, including home and auto insurance, but it is better to ask than to assume. Whether or not you own your home, insuring the roof over your head is as important to your family as insuring the vehicle that carries them. Finding a company that offers both home and auto insurance can help you save time and money by bundling policies.

What advantages do you offer for bundling my policies?

Many insurance companies reward their customers for bundling insurance policies, such as policy discounts, but might make up the difference in other miscellaneous costs. Ask all potential insurance companies what discounts or other advantages they offer for policy-bundling, and compare with the rewards of other companies. One of the benefits of working with an independent agent is the transparency that comes along with such rewards.

What are my payment options?

Everyone’s situation is unique. Paying your insurance bill every month may be easier than paying an annual lump sum, or perhaps paying quarterly would better suit your needs. Be sure to ask what your payment options are for each company’s policy options. Another benefit of working with an independent insurance agency is knowing that you will receive a policy that’s catered to your needs.


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