Questions About Liability Insurance

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The definition of liability is the state of being responsible for something, especially by law. Appropriately, liability insurance guarantees that someone is financially responsible for any personal injury or property damage that you cause to another person. In many states, including Texas, liability car insurance is a necessity before you can legally drive your car. To learn more about liability car insurance, read the frequently asked questions below, or call or visit your Carrollton insurance agency today.

What is Liability Insurance?

A liability insurance plan is a contract between you and the insurance company to pay a third party in the incident that your actions cause harm to that party or their property. For instance, if you cause an automobile accident, your liability insurance plan will cover the cost of repair for the other vehicle(s) involved. It ensures that, at the least, other people won’t have to pay for damage incurred in an accident for which you’re responsible.

What about medical bills?

If you’re injured during your accident, your liability insurance won’t cover your medical bills. It won’t cover repairs to your automobile, either. Liability insurance will, however, cover the medical bills for those hurt during the accident, as well as compensation for sickness and loss of income due to their injuries. Your insurance plan will dictate what percentages are dedicated to property damage and bodily injury.

Can I get additional coverage on top of liability insurance?

After learning the limits of liability insurance, many clients ask how to add to it. Depending on your vehicle’s condition and your specific needs, liability insurance may be all you need, or you might benefit from one or a combination of plans, such as comprehensive insurance or an umbrella plan to cover extreme circumstances. Our highly-experienced agents will consult with you to determine what coverage will serve you best, and advise you how to receive the maximum benefits at the minimal cost.

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