Need Technology Insurance? Three Questions To Ask Carriers


If you sat down and thought about how science, research, and technology has changed the world and our lives over the years you would truly be amazed. Technology makes our lives easier, more comfortable, and puts information literally at our fingertips. However, as with any other type of business, with technology and innovation comes risk. If you have or are building a technology company, whether is exists only of a few innovative friends in your garage with a laptop, here are three questions to ask insurance carriers.


#1: Do you offer insurance coverage specifically tailored to the technology industry, including professional liability coverage?

Both general liability and professional liability insurance protect companies against liability, but each type of insurance protects against different things. General liability protects against lawsuits from injury or damages incurred on the premises of the business. Professional liability protects against errors, omission, or negligence in the work or services done for a client. An example is if a company bought software from your company and it failed to work as advertised causing the buyer financial loss.

#2: Do you offer insurance products that will grow with my company?

You want an insurance company that provides insurance products that will grow with your company. Look for a carrier that offers a complete array of life-cycle solutions for technology companies. Technology is always growing and changing and you need a company that can offer effective solutions at the different stages of maturity and complexity your company experiences.

#3. Will the coverage you supply protect my company both domestically and internationally?

The right business can grow with leaps and bounds and you can soon be doing business overseas. If so, you need insurance that will protect you beyond U.S. borders.


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