More Road Trip Questions For Your Car Insurance Agent

family on a roadtrip

Your vehicle is like a part of the family, and if you plan on taking it on a road trip over the holidays (as many people are), then you’ll want to make sure that your car insurance will still protect it, if the need arises. In our last article, we answered a few questions about taking your car insurance on a road trip, and today, we continue the conversation with a few more concerns that may arise.

What if I rent a car for my road trip?

Rental cars are an often-misunderstood aspect of car insurance, and many people mistakenly refuse additional insurance when renting a car, only to find that they shouldn’t have. If you aren’t entirely sure that your insurance plan extends to a rental car, then speak with your agent about it before visiting the car rental agency.

Will car insurance cover items stolen from my car?

For much of your trip, all of the belongings you’ve brought will be piled into your vehicle, even when you’re not inside of it. If you stop somewhere and your vehicle is broken into, your belongings may be covered, but not under your car insurance—the appropriate thing to do would be to file a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance plan (assuming you have one, and it covers your personal belongings).

What happens if I’m in an accident out of state?

Unlike your car breaking down, which could be handled by roadside assistance, an accident will require a police report and an insurance claim. Laws involving automobile collisions and insurance requirements vary from state to state, so speak with your agent before heading out. Be sure to let us know the states you’ll be travelling through, and we’ll discuss what you should do if a collision occurs along the way.


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