Liability Car Insurance Explained

Car AccidentThe state of Texas requires that all licensed drivers hold a minimum amount of protection called liability car insurance. If you’re considering various auto insurance policies which may save you money and provide the coverage required by the state law, our team at Jeff Van Matre Insurance has helpful information for you.

What is a Liability Policy

Liability car insurance is a protection product which ensures other drivers will be compensated for damages to their vehicle or body in the event of an accident for which you are at fault. However, since liability insurance is the bare minimum, it does not protect any injuries or damages  which you incur in your at-fault accident. If you, as the driver, cause an accident which results in bodily injuries to others and/or damages to their property, the liability car insurance policy will be effective in covering injuries and damages up to the given amount the policy is worth. Since everyone is required to carry this insurance, if you are the victim of an accident which is not your fault, you and your car should be covered by the other party.

How Liability Insurance Works

Of course, if you are at the helm of an accident, you could be injured or have a very damaged car as well. Consider the limits of liability insurance:

  • The bodily injury maximum for a single individual means your policy will provide coverage for a single person in an accident. The state of Texas requires a minimum coverage amount of $30,000 for the bodily injuries of any innocent individual, but this does not include you.
  • The bodily injury maximum for all injuries encompasses the  maximum amount of money your policy will pay out to cover the costs of injuries to all individuals in the care you have hit, regardless of the number of individuals. The state of Texas requires every driver to hold at least $60,000 in liability protection for the injuries of all parties you injure, again, except for you.
  • Property damage maximum is the max amount of money your policy will pay out for the damages to another driver’s property. The state of Texas requires that you have a minimum of $25,000 for property damages to the other person’s car. However, if your car is totaled or badly damaged, you will have to come out of pocket if you only have liability coverage.

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