Keep Children Safe In and Around Automobiles

mother and children at crosswalk

Running, walking, riding backs, and playing with other kids in the neighborhood should be a regular part of childhood fun. Unfortunately, it can also be cause for stress and anxiety as you worry about your children playing where cars routinely pass by. According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration, nearly 23% of pedestrians injured in traffic accidents are children under the age of 15. With a few tips on increasing your diligence, you can help protect your children from preventable accidents on the street, and in your own driveway.

Tips to Keep Your Driveway Safe

  • In the house, keep all vehicle keys and remotes away from the reach of your children. Try placing them on a highly-set key ring on the wall, a tall dresser in your bedroom, or on top of the refrigerator (if you can reach it).
  • Whether in your own driveway, walking through a parking lot, or even strolling through the neighborhood, always hold your child’s hand when vehicles are nearby.
  • Make sure your driveway is always clear of toys, bicycles, basketballs, and other things that a child might want to run and grab at the last minute before starting your car. Walk around the front, back, and both sides of your car before sitting in the driver’s seat.
  • When you come home, make sure your child has left the car before walking away. Walk behind them as you enter the house to prevent them from wandering into the street while you’re struggling with groceries or shopping bags.

Tips to Tell Your Children

Since you can’t always watch and control your children, teaching them how to behave around cars and streets is important to their safety.

  • Always use the sidewalk (younger children should never walk around without a responsible, attentive adult present).
  • Always look both ways before crossing the street, and only cross at designated crosswalks. Also, keep in mind that stopped cars can move without warning.
  • Take care when crossing a driveway, as well. A seemingly parked car can pull out suddenly. Stop and listen for running engines before proceeding.

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