Insurance Requirements For Your Business


Do you own, or are you thinking of opening a business in Texas? The Texas Department of Insurance regulates all areas of business insurance throughout the state of Texas. The insurance coverage you are required to carry depends upon what type of business you have or are opening. There are certain types of insurance all businesses are required to have, and types that only certain types of businesses require. Insurance requirements for your business are meant to protect your business, your employees, business property, and your customers in case of an accident or certain types of damages.

Types of Business Insurance

Title: Heavily regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance to ensure ethical and effective practices among title insurance companies and agents, title insurance protects the right to ownership of all business property. It protects against liens; loss or damage due to liens against the property; any defects associated with the title; any burdens, claims, or charges on the property; or any claims from bodies or individuals outside the business. Title insurance is a requirement for Texas businesses.

Commercial Property Insurance: Despite whether you rent, lease, or own your own building, you can insure it against damage and/or destruction. This type of insurance only protects the actual building itself, not the people or contents within it.

Health and workers’ compensation insurance: Small businesses are not required to provide health or workers’ compensation insurance in the state of Texas. However, workers’ compensation insurance is required for private businesses that contract with the government. Other businesses may choose to carry workers’ comp to protect their business from claims that result from employee injury.

Small employers are not required to offer health insurance to their employees, but employers that do must make it equally available to all employees working 30 hours or more per week, and their dependents. This does not include temporary or seasonal workers. In Texas, a small business is defined as a business that employs two to 50 workers.


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