Insurance For Start-Ups

startup business

Finding an insurance agent that enjoys working with new a start-up business is often a difficult task. Most agents want to land the huge whale of an account. A company that is already mature and generates lots of revenue. Those companies pay the really big premiums that sustain most insurance agents. But Jeff Van Matre of the Jeff Van Matre of Insurance Agency specializes in helping those just beginning a new business.

A New Start-Up

One example of Jeff Van  Matre’s commitment to working with new business owners can be found in Walk On Water Pool Service. Paul Rush, manager of Walk On Water praised Jeff Van Matre’s help.

“Although, I have started a company before, beginning a service company had all different twists that I had never considered. I knew I needed Worker’s Compensation Insurance in case one of our pool technicians was injured, but Jeff helped me focus on the right amount of insurance. After spending a few minutes reviewing the situation with Jeff, it was obvious to me that I needed an umbrella policy for added coverage. The limits offered in the original policy were just not enough,” Rush said.

“Jeff was also great in helping me with a sticky situation. I have a key employee whose driving record was less than perfect. He moved to Texas a few months ago from the East coast, from a state with no fault insurance coverage. He had been involved in two accidents which were not his fault, but that greatly impacted his driving record for insurance purposes. When I explained to Jeff that I needed this employee, Jeff came up with a cost effective solution to provide the insurance we needed.”

About Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency:

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