How To Read Your Homeowner’s Policy Part 2


Owning your own home gives you privacy, a sense of independence, and control over your environment. We come to love our homes, in fact your home is your castle, and there is no place like home sweet home. That is why you want to protect it, and everything in it. Understanding insurance policies can be a daunting task, especially for the first-timer, but don’t purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy blindly. Do research and start right here by learning more about how to read your homeowner’s insurance policy.

General Format

Homeowner’s insurance policies usually follow a general format:

  • A declarations page
  • Definitions
  • Section I: Property insurance coverage
  • Section II: Liability insurance coverage

Declarations Page

The Declarations Page is usually the first page of your policy. It does not include all the details but gives you a quick view, or summary, of your coverage all on one page. The Declarations Page should list the following:

  • Name and address of the insured
  • Address of the property that is being insured
  • Name and address of the insurance agent and agency
  • Name and address of the mortgage company or bank holding the home loan
  • The policy number and period of coverage
  • Monetary limits for each coverage type
  • The insurance premium amount
  • The insurance deductible amount
  • Any insurance endorsements


The definitions part of the policy is very useful when trying to understand what all the insurance terms mean. This part defines the many terms and also explains anything of importance in more detail.

Section I deals with property insurance coverage and Section II with liability coverage. As they require a more detailed explanation, they will be covered in our next homeowner’s insurance blog.


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