How Insurance Protects Non-Profits

how insurance protects non-profits

A company built around making a profit can face devastating consequences when not protected by adequate business insurance. An organization built to help others rather than fill its coffers, however, has a significantly lower chance of successfully surviving unforeseen disasters without a protective insurance policy. In the case of for-profit companies, insurance can help protect the company’s assets so as not to interrupt its continuing business. In the case of non-profits, it helps ensure that the organization, its members, and the people it helps are not devastated further by unfortunate circumstances.

The Challenges of Not-for-Profit Organizations

One of the main differences between a non-profit organization and a for-profit one is that, for non-profits, the Board of Directors and management are directly exposed to liabilities that are typically attributed to the company. For instance, if the organization is sued for any reason, than the individuals who serve on the Board may be personally liable for damages. Or, an employee or volunteer may be injured, and without worker’s comp insurance, the non-profit and its Board members could be responsible for the expenses. Since, by its nature, a non-profit does not collect profit, paying those expenses without insurance could be beyond challenging.

How We Can Help

As an independent insurance agency with decades of experience, we understand the unique difficulties that non-profits face, and can help you understand and protect yourself against them, as well. One of the benefits of working with an independent agent is the time that we put in to getting to know you, and to ensuring that we develop a plan to provide maximum protection at minimal costs. For more information about business insurance for non-profits, speak with one of our agents about securing coverage for your charitable organization.


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