How Important is Comprehensive Auto Insurance? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

pretty woman in a brand new carHow do you know which car insurance plan is the right one for you? In a world full of random hazards where anything can happen, comprehensive insurance coverage from your Carrollton, TX insurance agency can offer peace of mind and protection against a wide variety of possibilities. Learn the benefits of comprehensive auto insurance by taking our brief, but informative, quiz below.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Quiz

1.) What’s the difference between liability insurance and comprehensive insurance?

Answer: As the bare minimum of coverage required by most states to legally drive a car, liability insurance protects another driver from vehicle damage and personal injury when you’re liable for an accident. Though the term “comprehensive” may seem all-inclusive, the word has a slightly different meaning in insurance language. Comprehensive insurance protects you and your vehicle against a wide variety of situations, including theft, vandalism, extreme weather, fire, falling objects, animals, and other damage that isn’t related to a collision.

2.) Is comprehensive auto insurance required by law?

Answer: Comprehensive coverage is not a legal requirement like liability insurance, but if your car is leased, or not fully paid off, then comprehensive auto insurance may be a term of the agreement. If your car is fully paid for, then comprehensive insurance is optional and should depend on the age, condition, and value of your car.

3.) Should everyone receive comprehensive auto insurance?

Answer:  If your car is older and you’re confident that you can afford to repair or replace any damage, then you may not need comprehensive insurance. However, the coverage can be vital for newer cars that are more expensive to repair. If you’re unsure, then consult with your Carrollton, TX insurance agency to determine if comprehensive coverage is the optimal choice.

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