How Does Your Insurance Agency Treat You?

independent insurance agent

Since it’s your main avenue of protection for your assets and livelihood, your insurance coverage is a more personal matter than many people realize. As such, building the right policies may take more than the click of a mouse or an automated phone call. When working with an independent insurance agent, you have the opportunity to meet your agent personally, accurately describe your needs, and ask thorough questions to ensure you’re receiving exactly the coverage you need.

Benefits of Choosing an Independent Insurance Agent

Understanding the Options You’re Given

A brief snippet on a webpage can give you a fairly accurate description of a certain type of insurance policy, such as homeowner’s insurance, but it won’t be enough to tell you how that coverage specifically relates to you. An independent insurance agent will not only explain the basics of the plan, but also its limitations, and how you can protect yourself against risks outside the bounds of your main insurance policy.

Trusting Your Agent…

Knowing your insurance agent personally involves a number of benefits, many of which stem simply from knowing that a live agent is only a short drive or a phone call away. If you have further questions after your face-to-face meeting, or if you encounter a situation where you are uncertain what to do next, you won’t have to struggle to reach your agent.

…And Your Policy

By working closely with your independent agent, you can more thoroughly understand the details of your policies, what you are covered under, and whether or not you need additional coverage. Since we are independent, we can work with a number of different underwriters to find the policy that best suits your needs and budget. As your needs change, you can also rest assured that your insurance coverage can be modified so it will continue to effectively meet those needs.


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