How Do You Know If You Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

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Most people don’t have to worry about commercial auto insurance if they use their vehicles to drive back and forth to work; take their kids to school, sports practice, to a friends; go shopping for clothes or groceries; and other run-of-the-mill-type travel. Therefore, they don’t require the same kind of coverage as people who use their vehicles for business. Businesses have much higher liability issues and, therefore, have different insurance requirements. How do you know if you need commercial vehicle insurance?

You Need Commercial Auto Insurance If…

If you use your vehicles for work, or you own vehicles that are used for business, you need commercial auto insurance. Most people consider the following to be commercial vehicles:

  • Flatbeds
  • Limousines
  • Taxicabs
  • Other livery vehicles
  • Rented or leased vehicles
  • Utility vans
  • Vehicles specially outfitted with work equipment
  • A variety of trucks including but not limited to: catering trucks, dump trucks, big rigs, refrigerator trucks, box trucks, bucket trucks, etc.

However, commercial vehicles can also include common vehicles like cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks that are used for business purposes.

What Does It Cover?

If you use a vehicle for a business or profession, not including commuting to work, then you probably should have commercial auto insurance. Commercial insurance consists of basically the same coverage as private vehicle insurance only at higher limits. You can also choose from certain add-ons according to your commercial driving needs. Add-ons can provide coverage for:

  • Employees: Broadened and blanket policies will protect additional employees and certain other employee scenarios
  • Business: Protects your assets in case of a lawsuit
  • Equipment: Provides coverage for unloading and loading goods

If you have questions as to whether or not your vehicles require commercial insurance, call us we will be glad to help.


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