How Do I Cover My Home?


Recently storms have raged across the state, damaging homes and in some cases, completely destroying them. While no one expects a tragedy like this to happen to him or her, you need to be protected in case one does. Insurance allows you to obtain coverage for damages to your home and many of the associated costs. If you’re wondering, “How do I cover my home?” or “What coverage do I need?” then we can recommend a few options.

Home Insurance

The coverage included in home insurance will depend on a number of factors. A policy covers the physical structure of the home and some may also include coverage for contents within. Others can help cover the costs of repairing the house, or in the event that the building is completely destroyed, replacing it.

A natural disaster can leave your home uninhabitable. You may need to find a new place to live until the building is repaired or in extreme cases, a new home is constructed. You can talk to your insurance agent about a policy that covers the cost of rent and other living expenses.

Renter’s Insurance

What if you rent a house or apartment? While your landlord carries coverage for the building you need a policy to safeguard your belongings. Otherwise, a natural disaster could destroy everything from clothing to furniture, leaving you to carry the costs of replacing your belongings. However, renters insurance can provide coverage for these items.

Flood Insurance

What if your home is destroyed in a flood? You may assume this is included in your home insurance. However, no policies carry coverage for flood damage. You will need to carry a separate policy. We can discuss your options and see if you live in a low or high-risk area for flood damage. If you have any questions about home or flood coverage then please contact our office today.


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