Homeowners Insurance VS Condo Insurance


Condominiums are becoming a popular choice among homeowner’s, whether they are downsizing or just entering the market, a condo is often a perfect choice for some people. When living in a condominium style home you have no yard or outside buildings that you own, and there are shared common spaces. Do you ever wonder how this would affect your homeowners insurance? Do policies for homeowner’s insurance and condo insurance differ? Read on to find out more about homeowner’s insurance vs. condo insurance. 


There are key differences between homeowner’s insurance and condominium insurance. There are six components in homeowner’s insurance policies including primary dwelling, and other structures. However, both those types of insurance are not usually applicable regarding condos. What the other four components cover are similar when it comes to a condominium and a separate residence.

Condo vs. House

Personal Property Coverage:

Condo – Because the condo association covers the wall studs and out, personal property coverage insurance for condos covers anything you own from the drywall in, such as artwork, furniture, clothing and jewelry.

House – Covers all personal belongings inside the structure.

Loss of Use:

Condo – Covers charges if the dwelling becomes considered uninhabitable because of damage.

House – Covers homeowner expenses if the house is deemed uninhabitable.

Personal liability:

Condo – Helps pay expenses if someone is injured on your property, for instance if you were sued.

House – Helps pay the various expenses if someone is injured on your property, the same as above.

Medical payments: 

Condo – Helps pay the medical expenses of a person who is injured on your property.

House – Covers medical expenses of a person injured on your property.

Homeowner’s Insurance

While with a condominium you only own what is in the unit from wall to wall, including your personal possessions, with a house you own the land and other structures on it.

Primary dwelling: Covers the structure of the house and all permanent elements including the construction materials.

Other structures: Covers detached garages, sheds, and any other structures on the property.


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